Research Overview

Ongoing Projects

Allele Mining For Agronomically Important Genes In Wild Rice Germplasm And Stress
Tolerant Landraces Of Rice Growing In The Hot Spots.
2010-2020 (Indian Council Of Agricultural Research)

This is the ongoing National Professor project in which we have already collected, characterized, conserved and evaluated 500 accessions of wild rice from different parts of India. Also designed a 50K SNP chip and studied the evolution and domestication of rice. Several accessions of wild rice has been identified which are highly tolerant to drought, flood, salinity, blast, leaf blight and sheath blight. Using 50K SNP chip it has been shown that the cultivated rice is most closely related with specific groups of wild rice from India and indicating their domestication in the India

From QTL To Variety: Marker Assisted Breeding Of Abiotic Stress Tolerant Rice Varieties
with Major QTLS For Drought, Submergence And Salt Tolerance.
2010-2015 (Department of Biotechnology)

Coordinating this network project of 15 different institutions, which is transferring 9 major QTLs for drought, flooding ad salt tolerance into 20 different popular rice varieties of India in collaboration with IRRI Philippines. Advance backcross derived lines are under field-testing.

Physical Mapping And Sample Sequencing Of Wheat Chromosome 2A- International
Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (India) (IWGSC).
2010-2015 (Department of Biotechnology)

We have published the first draft of wheat genome in top international journal Science in 2014. The work is on to complete a reference genome of wheat by 2018.

Molecular Breeding Selection Strategies To Combine And Validate QTLs For Improving
WUE And Heat Tolerance In Wheat.
2011-2015 (CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme-Wheat Initiative)

Marker-assisted recurrent selection has been used for the transfer of drought and heat tolerance traits in wheat under international collaboration.

Identification And Functional Analysis Related To Yield And Biotic Stresses Phase-II
2009-2015 (Department of Biotechnology)

We have identified a major QTL for grain number in rice and identified candidate genes. The QTL has been transferred in the background or 12 different high yielding varieties of rice and gives variable increase in the number of grains per panicle.

Stress Tolerent Rice For Africa And South Asia (STRASA)
2014-2019 (International Rice Research Institute)

The project is aimed at objective monitoring the spread of rice varieties with the help of DNA fingerprinting of samples collected from the farmer’s fields.

Genomic For Augmanting Fibre Quality Improving In Jute.
2011-2016 ( Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

A high density molecular map of jute has been created using RAD-TAG SNP markers, and a major QTL for bast-fiber quality has been mapped.

Establishment Of National Rice Resource Database.
2009-2015 (Department of Biotechnology)

A comprehensive database of all rice genes has been made in relation to SSR and SNP markers for important agronomic traits.

Network Project On Transgenics In Crops.
2005-2017 (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

Standardize the development of doubled haploids in wheat using wheat-maize crosses.


Compeleted Projects


Application of Microorganism in Agriculture & Allied Sectors (AMAAS)
2006- 2012

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

We Have Sequenced the Genome of Chickpea Rhizobium M. Cicero Ca181, and Identified More Than 6,000 Genes, Including Those Responsible for Root Nodulation and Symbiotic Nitrogen Nitrogen Fixation.


Indo-US Agricultural Knowledge Initiative (AKI) Pigeonpea Genomics Initiative
2006- 2010

Indian Council of Agricultural Research-AKI

Published the First Draft of Pigeonpea Genome in 2011, Which was Also the First Pulse Crop Genome Internationally.


Identification & Functional Analysis Of Genes Related To Yield & Biotic Stress Phase-I
2004- 2009

Department of Biotechnology

After Fine Mapping the Gene Has Now Has Been Identified and Validated in 12 Different High Yielding Rice Backgrounds.


Indian Initiative On Tomato Genome Sequencing (IITGS) 2005- 2011

Department Of Biotechnology

Completed the Sequencing of Tomato Chromosome 5 in Time As Per the Expectations of International Consortium.


Use Of Molecular Marker Technology in WQ Breeding
2004- 2009

Department of Biotechnology

Developed First Transgenic Wheat Lines in India and Standardized the Transformation and Regeneration Protocols.


Network Project On Molecular Breeding
2005- 2008

A.P. Cess Fund

Standardize the Development of Doubled Haploids in Wheat Using Wheat-Maize Crosses.



Indian Initiative On Rice Genome Sequencing
2000- 2005

Department of Biotechnology

Completed the Genome Sequencing of Rice Chromosome 11 in Time As Per Expectations of International Consortium.


Network Project On Wheat Biotechnology
1995- 2000

Department of Biotechnology

This was the First Network Project on Biotechnology of Wheat Quality, Funded By DBT.